Carlsberg’s Pubstitution Campaign 17/05/2016

We are extremely excited to be part of Carlsberg's 'PUBSTITUTION' Campaign this month - temporarily rebranding over 30 pubs across the UK with 'The Three Lions' themed signage to support England in the Euros 2016!

It's a mammoth undertaking by all involved with roughly 3-4 pubs being refitted every day from 16th May, for two weeks solid. The original idea was to temporarily rebrand external signage for all pubs with either 'three' or 'lion' in their name, but so many of Carlsberg's pubs have signed up that the number has exceeded original expectations. The signage will stay up as long as the teams (England and Wales) stay in the cup, which will hopefully be until the final on 10th July!!!

The first pub to kick off (excuse the pun) the campaign is The Famous Three Kings in W14, London, which will become The Famous Three Lions during England's bid in the cup. Ex-England Manager Terry Venables is attending the event, and Carlsberg have enlisted various other footballing legends to attend similar openings at other venues when the refits are completed.

There's sure to be national coverage of the campaign, so look out for SOTT's work on social media or in the press!

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