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Acrylicize - Piccadilly Lamps

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Winner of both the Craftsman and Innovation Awards at the BSGA Awards 2018

​We were so pleased to be invited to be Production Partners for Acrylicize, as right from the start it was evident that this was going to be a impressive piece. Each of the 5 illuminated lamps stood over 5 metres in height and with some also measuring 5 metres in width, the logistics of transporting the units had to be carefully considered.

Employing all manner of traditional techniques alongside more cutting-edge processes, the units were manufactured and then installed on site at Piccadilly Place in Manchester. In fact, the amount of digitally printed graphics equated to over 140 linear metres, externally applied to the Q Park entrance, with hand-painted design in the entrance tunnels to the square.

The site was located over an underground car park however, so the challenge wasn’t just the construction of the units but the careful installation, with weight restrictions being a key consideration throughout the entire project.